A Good Philosophy for Housing and Development Board Renovation Work

Being in charge of public housing is a full time job, especially when it comes to keeping up on maintenance and safety improvements. We do not allow tings to get into disrepair, but we are operating on a government budget that is not unlimited. As the Housing and Development Board of Singapore representative for property maintenance, we use HDB renovation contractors with experience of our code requirements. I have relatives that live in other countries. My brother has what he calls a “handyman” who does a lot of work on his house. The work is passable, but not of the best quality. I prefer to use professional contractors with a reputation they want to keep spotless. They give you a fair bid and do the best work.

I have seen what shortcuts in renovations can cost. Any form of shoddy work does not last, and it can be a safety hazard to the people living in the residences. My brother’s bathroom already has cracked tile and other things going on that our HDB renovation experts would not permit to occur due to their adherence to building code requirements and quality construction standards. Yes, my brother saved money on all of his renovations. However, what good are they if they need redone before their natural service life has ended?

I know things go in and out of style when it comes to residential decor. That should not be an excuse for shoddy workmanship in remodeling. I say build it to last and be safe. If you do not like how it looks a few years from now, then replace it. However, the urge to remodel should not be due to your last renovations wearing out. This is especially true for public housing that may go many years before any significant updates to the properties are undertaken. If there are budget cuts, then knowing the old stuff is still in great shape helps give peace of mind for the safety and comfort of the people who live in the public housing.