A Healthier Way of Generating Power

I discovered that when you buy property which has been built within 20 miles of a power plant, it’s important that you have all sorts of different kind of testing done on the land and the house. I didn’t know this at the time of purchase. I wasn’t even informed that I should have been testing for Radon until a neighbor of mine suggested that I should have it done if I wasn’t already. I hadn’t even heard of Radon so why would I be having it tested for when I was completely ignorant of what it might be?

I was thankful to my neighbor but angry toward the Realtor, as well as the Neighborhood Associations. Should not have either of them informed that this could be a potentially deadly radioactive isotope? I could only shake my head helplessly at the thought. My anger at either of them cooled down but it was quickly transferred over to the power plant as well as basic disgust against humans. How could we so brazenly destroy the earth around us for some small gains? In the long term, we’re only doing more damage against ourselves. We’re not gaining much in terms of power and instead of investing in green energy or the like we’re continuing to use deadly and damaging energy types.

Maybe it won’t always be like. Maybe things will change in the future. It will be a better and brighter future when don’t have to test for any kind of radioactivity or radon. That will be a better day for all of humanity. I can’t wait until my house is completely powered by solar power or another ‘green’ power. The future generations of my children will be better for it and the entire planet will be better for it as well.