A Nice Surpise for My Parents

I love my parents very much. They have always been there for my siblings and I. They worked very hard to provide for us when we were younger. We didn’t have all the things we wanted, but they made sure we had the things we needed. They have sacrificed so much for us. My siblings and I surprised our parents with an expensive trip to Hawaii. My parents were completely fooled. They did not know that we had bigger plans for them. We planned to surprise the house with new plantation shutters and other improvements. They did not know what hit them.

Before they owned our house, my parents lived in a small apartment in the inner city. It was awful. The walls were thin and the space was very small. The surrounding neighborhood had its own problems. The schools were failing and low-performing. The crime rate was very high. It was not a safe neighborhood. My parents knew that this was not the place to raise a family. They worked very hard to move to another neighborhood. The worked two separate jobs and long hours to accomplish their dreams. They finally saved up enough money and moved to our family house, where we were raised.

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a contest. The contest involved a reality television show. The show renovates homes for people. I won the contest and the show offered to renovate our family home. My siblings and I decided to make it a surprise for our parents. We got them airplane tickets to Hawaii. They had no idea that our house was going to be renovated. While they were away, the renovators worked hard to restore our home. They changed the carpets and repainted the walls.

When my parents returned, they were amazed. They could not believe their eyes. Our home was restored to its former glory.