Cheap AC Repair Morris County

I really must say that I do not enjoy summer very much. I liked it a lot as a kid, but now that I am older, I just don’t like being hot. I hate getting sweaty in particular, because it makes me feel gross and like I need to take a shower immediately. My air conditioner is not working right. I need to get that fixed soon. I have called up a company for air conditioner repair in Morris county NJ and I was talking to them earlier today about the issue. I guess they have no idea what is going on either, or at least, they couldn’t give me any accurate diagnosis based on what I told them over the phone.

So they are going to send someone over to my house to look at it later in the day. They will figure out what is wrong with it, and then give me a quote on how much it is going to cost to have it fixed. I really wish that they would just come over and go ahead and fix it today. But unless it is a very minor repair, I don’t see that happening. It was working just fine last year, and I did not have any problems with it at all.

But I have not turned on the air conditioning since the end of last Summer. I do not know if anything happened to it in the mean time. But when I tried to turn it on for the first time yesterday, it did not work. I mean it blew out some air and stuff, but the air was not cooled down at all. In fact, it was actually a bit hotter than the air in the house, so it was totally counter-productive to turn it on.