From Tree to New Grass

One of my favorite trees died during the year. I used to climb the tree when it was smaller, but eventually it grew too large and I grew too old. I wasn’t too sure what caused the tree to die, but I have a hunch it was some kind of disease. The leaves started falling from the tree in the middle of spring. Given enough time, the tree would decompose on its own and disappear, but that would have taken years, given how big it was. Instead, I called a tree service in Lilburn GA to take care of the tree.

The tree service cut the tree down in sections, rather than just cutting it at the base and letting the whole thing fall down. I was a little saddened, because I wanted them to yell timber when they cut the tree down. I had seen people do that on television various times that I was anticipating it. They service didn’t cut the whole thing down at once because of how large the tree was, and how little room there was in my yard for it to fall. If the whole tree was cut, and the tree fell in any direction, it would have hit something, with the most dangerous landing spot being my home.

After all of the tree pieces were cut down, they ground down the remaining tree stump and asked me if I wanted to keep the tree parts that remained. I thought about using the tree for firewood, but I decided to let them take it away. The blank space where the tree used to be was driving me insane, so I decided that it would be best to put a small fountain in that area. I can’t climb it like I did the tree, but it makes the yard look nice.