Getting a Lot of Home Remodeling Done Fast

My wife and I looked around at all the things we wanted to get done with our home after we were approved for a home improvement loan. We needed things such as a new roof and gutters outside, and we wanted to fully renovate the kitchen and master bathroom to the bare walls. We also had space to the right side to add an attached garage that the original owner intended on building but never got around to it before selling the house to us. Now we were looking at home remodeling companies that could do all the work and get it done quickly.

We wanted to start with the garage and new shingles and gutters. Then we wanted to get started on the kitchen and bathroom renovations. We still needed to pick out cabinetry and appliances as well as what type of flooring we wanted. The only things we had picked out up to that point far were the LED lighting we wanted for both rooms and the heater that would be installed in the bathroom ceiling to warm it up on those cold winter days.

I did not realize that there were so many choices to make when you got into any kind of home remodeling. I had to decide whether I wanted plain concrete or an epoxy finish on the garage floor. I had to decide if I wanted it finished in drywall or to leave the bare studs visible. We went for the finished look with diamond plate cabinetry that looks very sharp against the gray epoxy floor finish. It was mild chaos while the remodeling and building was going on, but it was well worth it. We could not use our master bathroom for a week, but it looks so good now that it has been renovated. The whole house looks great now.