Gutter Protection to Prevent Clogs

The gutters on my house as exceptionally prone to clogging due to the fact that I have a very shady yard and there are a number of trees which are close to the house. As such, a large number of leaves fall on the house during fall, and they have a tendency to clog the gutters, rendering them ineffective. I am looking into my gutter protection options and I want to have some sort of shield installed over the top of the gutters, so that water can freely flow into the gutters, and then be properly routed to the downspouts, but at the same time, leaves and other organic debris will not be able to get into the gutters.

I have had to deal with too much gutter cleaning, and last week, I was cleaning the gutters out and I nearly fell off the ladder I was using. That is when I decided that it is time to stop this nonsense, and to get a permanent solution so that I will not haveto clean out the gutters anymore. I am getting a bit older, and I really just don’t want to climb up on the roof, or a ladder beside the roof to clean out these gutters anymore.

It is kind of dangerous, for sure, and it is also a lot of work. More work than I want to do, and so I will try to see what sort of prices there are on guards you can install over gutters, and look at the options that are out there. I want something that will be very effective, but at the same time, will not cost too much. I need to look at prices first though, so I can try to gauge how much something like this should cost to do.