Have You Ever Though About the Need for a Shower Water Filter?

We have pipes serving the water supply to our community that are over 100 years old. Lead and other things are a concern. We have frequent water main breaks that result in rusty and dirty water coming from the taps due to the repairs being made. We have water filters on the kitchen and bathroom faucets, and we have one on the ice maker too. I just added a shower water filter in the bathroom the kids use, and I am getting one for our bathroom as well. I considered whole-house water filtration, but these filters are an easy do-it-yourself option that anyone can do without needing a plumber to install them.

Our sink filters work great and we can definitely notice a change for the better in the taste of the tap water. The shower water filter is making a difference in the lime and scale that forms on the shower head due to our hard water too. Plus, hard water results in you needing to use more soap and shampoo to get a good lather. Removing the heavy metals seems to help with the hardness without having to install a water softener that uses salts. I once tasted softened water that also fed the faucets of a kitchen sink, and it was awful. I can see using a water softener, but I would never let one be connected to a sink where I get drinking or cooking water.

I like having the individual filters at the sinks and showers. They are easy to maintain, and they are not expensive. The filter cartridges last a long time as far as our family usage is concerned. The best part is that it did not require us to hire a plumber to have them installed. Needing to hire someone to put in filters can get really pricey. The ones that I can hook up myself are easy and affordable.