My Animal Rescue Has Its Very Own Robot Now

My mom worked at an animal shelter when I was a young girl. She often brought me to work with her on the weekend so that I could learn more about what she did for a living, and this is how I fell in love with helping animals, too. I now run my own rescue, and it is a lot of hard work. This is what led me to looking at online so that I could find some sort of robotic vacuum cleaner to help cut down on cleaning time.

The place that I run holds 15 dogs and 15 cats. I have dog kennels and runs in place for the dogs, and the cats have a room to themselves. People often assume that taking care of the animals themselves takes up the bulk of time, but it is the cleaning that takes many hours each day. To ensure that the place stays clean smelling and looking good to all potential adopters, I have to sweep twice daily, vacuum once daily, and scrub down many surfaces. I do have a few volunteers who help me out, but they have jobs of their own, and there are days when all of the cleaning is handled by me as a result.

I ended up finding a vacuum that is made specifically to handle pet hair. So, after reading a review about how well it works, I decided to purchase one. I posted to the social media site that I post about our animals often, and asked everyone who follows my account if they would be interested in donating. I was surprised to see that they donate enough money to me within only 24 hours. I rushed to buy the vacuum, and then waited in anticipation for it to arrive. It felt like Christmas when it showed up quickly, and even more importantly, it worked just as advertised on picking up pet hair.