My Wife Wanted Better Security

Sometimes I like to make my own version of popular things in order to save money. Rather than buying my own soda, I bought a soda making machine. Instead of going to a famous restaurant to get a well known dessert, I found a recipe on the Internet and made my own version of it. Sometimes this works, and other times it doesn’t. I tried making my own home security system using some cheap door alarms I bought from the store, but they weren’t very reliable. My wife wanted me to get a North Carolina ADT home security system.

Although my home security system had its problems, I thought it could still be useful with a little tweaks. My wife didnt’ agree and wanted to get a professional system installed. I looked online for any kind of deal that I could find on a home security system, because I didn’t want to pay full price for one. I had seen some advertisements for home security systems before on television, and their prices were out of my range. The options online were much better. I purchased a package that came with an alarm system and a camera.

Once the security system was installed, my wife was happier. She still has to deal with my imitation recipes and home made soda, but at least she gets her security system. She likes to look a the footage that the camera records to see if anyone is coming on our property while we are away. I’m not sure if she’s looking for anything or anyone in particular, but she hasn’t really found anything out of the ordinary. The only people who really come to the door are the mailman and the Jehovah’s witnesses on the weekends. I guess once she finds something, she’ll let me know about it.