Sewer Drain Cleaning for Cheap Price

I am in the process of renovating a rental property that I own, and there is some serious stuff that needs to be done, before I will be able to find another tenant for it. I want to get it done as quickly as possible, because not having a tenant is not a good thing for me. I am checking into local sewer cleaning in Bergen county NJ because one of the main issues that there is with this property is that the sewer drain, that goes down into the sewer obviously, is partially clogged at the moment.

I am not sure how long it has been partially clogged, but it was like that after my last tenant moved out, and I can only guess that it has been an issue for some amount of time. I am hoping to find a cheap rate from a local company to do the cleaning job. I am also hopeful I will be able to get someone over to my house to take care of it tomorrow. I want to get this out of the way, so that I can focus on some of the other things that need to get done.

I am not sure if I am going to have enough money in my budget to get everything done, that I would like to have done. I have a couple things that i do not know how much they will cost, and so that puts a greater level of uncertainty into it. However, I have to find out how much this sewer cleaning is going to run me, and that is the first thing to figure out. I have never paid for this sort of service before, so I do not even have the faintest idea how much it will cost me.