Switching to a Better Cleaning Company

When I moved my company into a bigger office space, one of the luxuries thrown in was having a professional service clean our offices after hours. Well, they were touted as professional, but I knew after the first week there that I did not want their services anymore. Even though it would be an additional charge, I wanted to hire my own Tampa cleaning services because I wanted the job done right. The former cleaning company emptied the trash cans and vacuumed, but that was it. I needed a company that understood that cleaning an office meant more than just those two things.

When I went online and started looking at companies, I always looked at the services that each one provides for commercial clients. When I came to one, I knew that I had finally found the company that I wanted to use. Not only do they empty the trash cans around the various offices and vacuum the carpeted floors, but they also mop the tile floors, clean the rest rooms and also the break room. If that wasn’t enough, they also make sure all of the windows and glass pane doors are cleaned, and every door knob is sanitized as well.

They are the only company I read about online that does all of these extra things that are actually a necessity in an office environment. Not only do we have nearly 20 people working in here every day but we also have hundreds of other people walking through our office doors every day too. Multiply all those germs from each person, and it is obvious why we wanted to have a professional cleaner come in to make it a healthy environment for all of us. The company I hired had only been working for a week when I knew that I had made the right decision in switching cleaning companies.