The Only Cleaning Company I Will Use

When I first started my company, I was working out of my home. It was quite easy to keep everything clean, because I had been doing that for years anyway. When I moved into a small office building, I was not at the point where I needed to hire a company that does office cleaning in Toronto just yet. It was just a small one room office, and I was quite capable of running the vacuum and dusting, especially since I did not have a full client load when I first moved. I had done the move primarily to show more professionalism rather than because of an actual need for more space.

That ploy worked, because my work load improved so much that I had to relocate not once but twice to get a bigger office space. The first move, my staff of one and I still cleaned the office ourselves, because it was just easy enough to do. However, when I moved to where I am now, I knew that I had finally gotten to the point where I needed professional cleaning services because we were just too swamped with work. That is a great feeling to be in that position!

I am the type of person who has to research everything before taking action, and I was surprised at how little time it took me to find the cleaning company I wanted to use. They are based right here in Toronto, and their reputation is excellent. They provide more services than any other company, and their prices are reasonable as well. Everything looked good during my research, and I could see why after they cleaned our space for a few weeks. Our office literally looked better and smelled better, which is the reason I will not use any other cleaning company other than Kleenway.