We Bought Gutter Guards for the House and Garage As Soon As We Saw How They Work on the Garden Shed

My wife and I built a beautiful garden shed with a corrugated metal roof. It has a loft for storage, and it is big enough to hold our medium sized lawn tractor we use on our property along with all of its attachments and much more. We have all of our outdoor tools and gardening materials in the big shed that looks like a small barn. I could not find a matching gutter guard for the rain gutters until I visited the gutter guys website. They have a matching aluminium mesh that also has an installation kit to make them look great on a corrugated metal roof.

The aluminium mesh comes on 12 colours. Our gutters and metal roof match, and now we have a gutter guard system that matches too. It is made of aluminium, so being fireproof is a big help out here where we live. The gutter guard mesh lays flat against every curve of the metal roof panels due to its retaining system that is installed with screws. Even the mesh retainers match the roof. I like it that the holes in the mesh are just the right size to not clog with debris and let water through. The leaves, twigs and other debris just slides right off the roof when it rains. There are no bumps or humps to make a dam that prevents the debris from just sliding off. It looks so good on the garden shed that we bought matching aluminium mesh from the gutter guys website for our garage and house too. It was easy to install, and it has a 12 year warranty.

We had plastic guards on the house roof, and I never liked them. They can burn, crack and blow off in the wind. Plus, they get stained with algae where the gutters are in the shade of a tree. The aluminium gutter guard mesh is so much better looking.