We Love Our New Place Now

When we bought our really old house many years ago, it needed so much help before we could even move in. It had been a rental property for years and it was not treated well. There were burn marks in the ceiling, marks on the floors that showed that there had been some sort of flood in the house and more. We decided to do most of the work ourselves to save money. I really wanted to remodel the kitchen, but we felt we would need a Glencoe remodeling contractor to do work for us later on.

We end up just painting the cabinets in the kitchen ourselves. We also put up some new towel above the counter to help bright the room up a little. It did help, but it was not the perfect mix. We decided that fixing some of the other very unsightly damage throughout the house was more important at first. And saving money by doing it ourselves would allow us to save money for an even nice remodel in the kitchen.

After six months of working alone on the house, we were satisfied enough that we could move in. A few months later, I told my husbandthat I was really anxious to do the remodeling that we had talked about with the help of some experts. We sat down and looked at our budget to see what kind of changes we could afford easily. Then we began calling companies to get quotes. We ended up finding a company with really friendly and knowledgeable employees who could see our vision so well.

The work only took about 3 weeks to carry out. After they were done making all the kitchen changes, I was in awe. It looked like something straight out of a decorating magazine or in a model home. There is no way that we could have done that well on our own, so it’s good that we turned to professionals.