What to Look for During Home Inspections

You might want to consider looking into hiring roofing contractors in NYC if you begin to notice water stains on your ceiling. Ceilings usually indicate a leaky roof and that the whole ceiling will need to be replaced. Floors mean either the ceiling has leaked so much onto the floor that now the floor is warped, or that a pipe from a bathroom, water heater, or kitchen is broken. If a pipe is broken, it could mean tearing out the walls to find the source, and if you don’t find it right away, the cost to find it adds up and up and up. Sloping Floors – walk into the home and take a good look at the floors. You will be able to see slopes easily by looking at the baseboards and the floors relation to them. Walk on them and you can tell if you go downhill. Start thinking of foundation problems, or settling issues. We have even seen supporting beams cut to put a pipe through, thus causing floors to sag under the unsupported weight.

Let’s look at an important reason why you should be present when the home is inspected. Suppose you’re buying a home. Then you find all kinds of problems afterward, and you don’t believe the home was properly inspected. First, were you there when the home was inspected? Did you read the full report and not just a summary or repair request document?It’s your home inspector’s job to discover and disclose whatever he finds regarding the condition of a home. However, if you’re not there when he does his inspection, you’ll miss key points.Be sure to carefully review the report when you receive it. Ask for the inspector’s help if you’re unclear on something. Get with your real estate agent to prepare a repair request, if that’s needed.