Why I Wanted Plantation Shutters

When my husband asked me if I wanted blinds or curtains for our new windows, I told him neither. We had just spent a lot of money on getting brand new windows throughout the house, and I was not about to cheapen them by putting up window treatments from the local discount store. In the back of my mind, I knew that I was going to look at orange county blinds even though I had no idea what it was going to cost us. I have always loved the way they look in other houses that I am in, but I was living in a rental house at the time.

Now that we were in our own home and could do what we wanted, I took the plunge and found a company nearby that does sell plantation shutters. I was really impressed with the company from the moment I looked at their website. It is such a comprehensive site. It goes into detail on anything and everything to do with plantation shutters. I was able to find out the different styles that they sell and look at pictures of them too.

I contacted the company to get some more answers, and they set me up an appointment with one of their professional consultants. She came out to the house later that week, and she was able to walk me through everything I needed to know about these shutters. She helped me pick out the right ones that would look good in each room as well as the colors too. She measured everything herself, and the installers put them in not much later. They look so good, and I am really glad that we went this route. The windows look great on their own, but the shutters just add so much class and elegance to them, and I never have to replace them either!